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With the help of plastic surgery you can restore your confidence! We will prioritize your wishes and maintain your natural beauty! Patients are very satisfied with the quality of operations performed by Mare Malva! We have short waiting times!

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MM Kliinik – in the center of Tallinn

Operations and procedures

By changing your appearance through plastic surgery, you can achieve higher levels of self-confidence and satisfaction.


Reasonable prices, the Scandinavian standard! The final price will be specified during the medical consultation. Can also be paid in installments.

The first consultation is free

Consultations are conducted personally by our plastic surgeon Dr. Mare Malva and do not involve any commitment.

Plastikakirurg dr Mare Malva MD


In our clinic, surgeries are performed by Dr. Mare Malva, who personally carries out all consultations and advises patients before surgery.


She is the first plastic surgeon in Estonia, who after completion of the specialty of a surgeon, has also completed her plastic surgeon residency in Helsinki. Her everyday surgeries include complex breast and skin cancer surgeries, breast reconstruction surgery, burns and frost  treatment, and many other operations.


Currently, Dr. Malva works in MM Kliinik in Tallinn.

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